To succeed in the digital era an organisation needs to be customer centric from top to bottom. We offer training to help embed a customer centric mindset at every level of decision making and execution.


  • Evolves company culture and approach to customer service and solution generation
  • Builds common methodologies
  • Upskills executives and resources throughout the organisation
  • External away from distractions


We believe in a hands-on approach to training.  A rapid introduction to definitions, principles and process is quickly followed by hands on demonstration and imitation. This first-hand experience maximises the learning and embeds skills.

Our training can be tailored to your individual needs, please get in touch to discuss your requirements:

  • Non-executive and Executive Board training: ¼ day and ½ day customer centricity workshop.
  • Design Thinking: ½ day and 1-day workshop
  • GM training: ½ day and 1-day customer and user centricity workshop.
  • Agile accelerator: 1-day agile foundations workshop.
  • Research: 1-day introduction to developing and communicating deep customer insights.
  • Prototype: 1-day introduction to prototyping best practice.
  • UX sprint: 3-day full introduction to best practice UX.

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