Industry analysis


In order to build successful products and services it is necessary to understand the commercial opportunity and the mechanisms of value exchange driving that opportunity.

Industry analysis sizes the existing market both in terms of revenue and profit and assesses the intensity of the competitive forces in the market.  This helps to assess the size of the opportunity, to prioritise the most valuable user tasks to address and to identify the capabilities required to effectively compete.  It also identifies the potential size of the prize in the event of a successful disruptive product or service.


Market analysis
  • Understand the industry
  • Map out the industry value chains
  • Identify the stakeholders and their activities along the value chain
  • Build an understanding of the market size
  • Growth points and future trends


Competitor research
  • Identify successful and unsuccessful entrants in the market
  • Map out the business strategy and economics of the competitors


Business strategy
  • Work with the team in ideation workshops Advise on the most viable directions to pursue

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