Executive dashboards


Experience and commercial dashboards help executives visualise the performance of a digital product or experience. This real time feedback enables informed decision making around a shared version of selected leading and lagging key performance indicators (KPIs).


  • Clear performance indicators
  • Real time feed back
  • The correct leading and lagging KPIs
  • Shared version of performance
  • Enables timely decision making
  • Hierarchy of KPIs enables accurate deep dive investigations of opportunities for improvement
  • Enables prioritisation of sprint activities from feature backlog


A robust three step process takes us from experience map and operating profit driver tree to executive experience and commercial dashboards.

First, we construct a profit driver tree of the product or service agreed with the client team. Then we overlay an experience map on to the driver tree to identify which commercial metrics are leading and lagging indicators of the digital experience performance and rank these in a hierarchy of indicators. Finally, we select the primary performance indicators within the hierarchy of both experience and commercial indicators as our KPIs and then create an effective summary visualisation.

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