Customer strategy


Analysis and mapping of potential innovator and early adopter groups. Prioritised on the basis by ease of access and influence to convert other potential user groups. Includes: demographic, emotional and behavioural profiles to keep executives and marketeers focused.


  • Clear road map of target adopters
  • Detailed understanding of demographics of potential target groups
  • Detailed understanding of correct moment to target to maximise frequency of adoption
  • Detailed understanding of target groups’ emotional and behavioural drivers for generating correct marketing material


Using existing internal data, external data available in the market place and user understanding collected during user research and usability testing, we analyse and prioritise the profile of likely innovators and early adopters.  This includes: a detailed understanding of drivers of adoption like a particular life or career event; the demographic profile of the adopter group (age, gender, Living Standards Measure (LSM) or socio-economic level (SEM)); as well as the likely cognitive behavioural catalysts for action.

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