Permyssion – Financial Service Startup

Uncovering customer value and building loyalty in a financial services startup.

What they wanted

Experio was asked to improve the UX of Permyssion’s digital platform.

What we achieved

We focussed on the core value proposition, simplified the user experience, and delivered implementable code.

What we did

We identified the business value drivers, mapped out personas, journeys and built a high level information architecture. We then started a 1 week design sprint and moved from a paper prototype through to a high fidelity prototype. Finally with the full design specification we completed a front-end build.

Customer insights and journey mapping

Business value identification

After an initial stakeholder interview and business objectives analysis, we identified the core value proposition of Permyssion and identified key customers.

As a result we focussed on one of the more high impact personas, we built a user journey that highlighted the key steps in taking the customer down the conversion funnel, as well as opportunities and pain points.

Subsequently we mapped user tasks by urgency and frequency to sort what features would solve customer’s core problems.

As a result, we could build a rudimentary Information Architecture. We then designed screens within this framework to service the desired customer journey.

1 week Design Sprint

We started a 1 week Design Sprint in which we analysed the market, built a prototype, and tested it with customers. This included paper prototypes, information architecture, and recorded user tests.

Responsive web design and build

Once we had the strategy and structure work, we could then iterate on the design sprint prototype to build a full UX and design system. As a result we iterated through user testing with customers, worked with our developers to code the design and handed over the completed code  the internal team could integrate with their backend.

Services used in this case study

UX AuditUser research Usability testing Industry analysis Design sprint Customer strategy Prototyping

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