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Transforming the business to a customer centred approach

What they wanted

The CEO of Esri Africa asked Experio to devise and implement a strategy to transform Esri from a development focussed to user centred organisation.

The CEO had identified a growing need to put the user experience at the heart of Esri’s GIS solutions for his clients. Esri’s customers (the users of Esri’s client’s services) were increasingly made up of less technical users, including mining executives and the public, accessing Esri services through corporate and municipal websites.

What we achieved

We developed, planned and implemented a process to transition the organisation into placing the user at the heart of every service that Esri Africa offers to its clients. As part of the transition process, Experio has helped implement customer centric solutions at a number of Esri’s clients including Anglogold Ashanti and City of Johannesburg. As a result of the initiative, several internal User Centred Design advocates continually keep user centricity at the heart of Esri’s solutions and support the user experience component of all Esri’s proposals to its clients.

What we did

Stakeholder interviews

We kicked off the project with a round of management and staff interviews to diagnose the current state of the organisation from a user centred perspective. This set the baseline for a management workshop to agree goals and design principles for the new culture and steps to transition the organisation to the new ways of approaching solutions and services with the end user as the start point for solution design.

Human Centred Design workshop

As part of Esri’s move to user centricity, we transitioned every employee through a two-day user centred design workshop. These workshops focused on understanding customer needs, developing solutions to meet these needs, then building prototypes of the solutions to test with users in order to validate and improve the solution.

William Saunders presenting to stakeholders


Internal advocate

Additionally, the management workshop identified the need for an internal advocate to promote user centricity. We identified the required attributes and helped select a suitable candidate. We then equipped the new internal advocate with the tools to persuade colleagues and clients of the need and benefits of a user centred design approach to building GIS solutions.


We worked with the internal team on projects using design thinking to frame the problems and possible solutions. We then used human centred design methodology to build solutions, test with users and iterate the design.

Services used

UX Design Customer strategy User research Prototyping UX Audit

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