Entertainment Startup

Designing a new digital platform for the entertainment industry.

What they wanted

Our client asked us to identify the best opportunity for launching a tech enabled new business in the live music and super night club industries in South Africa. Additionally, our client asked us to design a development specification for an app to serve the identified opportunity.

What we achieved

In an intense four weeks project, we identified and built an innovative business to serve a significant unmet need within the events industry. We handed over detailed wireframes for a platform solution that we had tested and improved through multiple rounds of user testing. We outlined a business plan for immediate offline implementation whilst the software developers coded our platform solution.

Our in-depth industry analysis, provided a framework required to understand opportunities to serve unmet needs within the broader live entertainment industry. Prioritisation of identified opportunities and targeted deep dives allowed us to select and define a platform strategy that married the largest revenue generation opportunity with our client’s unique competitive strengths.

What we did

Customer insights and journey mapping

We mapped all the participants across live music events and super night clubs. We then conducted cognitive interviews enabling us to map detailed Customer Journeys for the participants. These allowed us to identify unmet needs, and pain points.

Industry analysis

We conducted primary research to develop an understanding of not only primary user journeys but also to size the distribution of and spend propensity of the various categories of user. This enabled us to focus on key customer groups to uncover priority pain points to solve.

For live music events deeper analysis enabled us to identify that mid-tier spend profiles generate 79% of in-event revenues.

Our analysis of the economics of the super night club scene highlighted that just a small fraction of customers generate all the contribution margin retained by clubs to pay overheads and contribute to profit.

Design Thinking Ideation

With the ground work in place, we conducted a day long ideation workshop to generate a long list of potential solutions for the identified participant pain points.

Idea prioritisation

Solutions were assessed for financial viability against our map of industry profit pools. This allowed us to prioritise a short list of highly desirable and commercially viable opportunities to address.


We tested low fidelity prototypes of the short listed options with a range of market participants. This allowed us to quickly focus on the most compelling opportunity.

We rapidly improved the fidelity of our selected prototype through an iterative process of multiple rounds of user testing and integration of lessons learnt into each consecutive round of testing.

This process resulted in high fidelity wireframes fully tested with real users to ensure a great experience. These we handed over to the client to implement with their preferred software development partners.

Services used

Design sprint UX Design Prototpying User research Industry analysis Competitor analysis

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