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A global contact centre survey conducted by Deloitte found that 29% of contact centre executives regard digital channels as the most effective way to reduce inquiries to their organisation’s contact centre. But often the team does not fully optimise the digital channels, leading to higher call centre volumes. So we’ve put together 5 ways to improve your customer’s digital experience and allow your call centre to focus on the really important calls.

Improve how your business supports your call centre staff

A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review (‘HBR’) found that 24% of repeat calls originated from a lack of trust between customers and call centre agents. So does your business adequately enable your call centre agents to empathise with your customers? A Service Blueprint enables you to redesign systems to enable better customer experience and fewer repeat calls.

Understand your customers through observation

Your customers may be phoning the call centre for reasons you don’t know about yet. Uncover why people are ending up in your call centre by speaking to them and then map out their needs, goals, and behaviour. The research helps the team identify why customers are getting frustrated.

Identify moments in the user journey that cause negative emotions

Feelings of stress and frustration resulting from usability issues, unclear messaging or hard to use navigation can result in your customers calling the call centre for help. Observing your customers and building an experience map that illustrates the negative emotional moments will help you to identify pain points in the experience for improvement, and thus reduce calls to the call centre.

Improve the usability of your service

Bad usability of your digital services will result in your customers not being able to complete their task and phoning your call centre. Usability tests with as little as five users uncover 85% of usability issues, greatly reducing the risk that your customers will get stuck, frustrated and end up on the phone to your call centre.

Effectively communicate the value proposition to your customers

Research based user experience firm Nielsen Norman Group found that users leave web pages in 10-20 seconds if they do not find the information they are looking for. Now imagine a customer who is battling to find information related to your product offerings online, resorts to calling your call centre and then waits for several minutes to get assistance. Your business needs to clearly communicate the value of your products and services on your website so that your customers can easily find what they are looking for.


Reducing unnecessary calls to your call centre can save you money and enable your call centre agents to focus on the most critical calls. In order to reduce the load on your call centre you need to:

  • Improve how your business supports your call centre staff
  • Understand your customers through observation
  • Map out your customer’s journey
  • Improve the usability of your digital service
  • Improve communication of your value proposition

 To find out how Experio can aid your organisation to reduce call centre costs through a human-centred approach, contact us here.